Webitor ScreenshotWebitor® Content Management System

Webitor® is a content management system designed for anybody from start up web firms through to corporations wishing to manage their own website. Webitor® will enable you to control your whole online presence with no coding and technical knowledge.

Webitor's visual editing makes it so simple for you to edit; you can see how the pages will look as you edit. Save drafts before publishing your final copy online.

Webitor® allows you to make changes on any page of your website, add photos, edit text, and even add new pages. Webitor® is a great tool that gives you control over your website, saving you money on updates.

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Some of Webitors Features:

Easy Text Editing

Webitor® has all your standard text editing options like bold, italic, bullet points and alignment. Also select from text styles setup by a professional designer, these styles are inline with your design colours and will ensure your website remains consistent and professional.

Latest News Articles

We have created a simple way for you to create new articles or news items. Each time you create a new article the old one will be archived by date. Soon you have a wealth of useful information your uses can access and better yet search engines can index.

Content layout templates

We have created a selection of pre-made layouts to make arranging your information quick and easy. Insert a custom layout with the click of a button, type your text, insert your photos and you're away, no more scary blank white pages.

Page History

In addition to page drafts, Webitor® also saves history of each of your website pages. You can restore a previously saved version with the click of the button. All changes to content are saved incrementally so that you can simply rollback to a previous version in case a mistake has been made.

Multiple user login

Need more than one person to access the website for editing? Give limited access to your staff, approve staff changes before they go live on the internet and monitor the website.

Image resizing

Easily insert and resize images on any page of your website. The Image Thumbnail option creates smaller images on the page that offers a preview of the larger image (click to enlarge).

Photo Gallery

Follow our simple 3 step wizard to build your own photo gallery. Add your photos and arrange their order by dragging the photos with your mouse. You have a selection of animated layouts to choose from, when your done, insert your gallery on any page of your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

Regularly updating your website is important for search engine optimisation, Google lists website's whose content regularly changes above those which do not. Control your keywords & descriptions for each page in Webitor®. Also receive weekly website statistic reports.

Auto-Saving Page Drafts

Never loose your work again!
Webitor® will automatically save a draft of your page as you edit, a draft is private and will not be published on your website until you choose to make it live.


Finally spell check in your editor! Spell check works by highlighting all the miss-spelt words on your page, you are then given suggestions on how to spell the word correctly.

Uploading files/documents

Upload PDF documents, word; excel spreadsheets and multimedia files to your website quickly and easily.

Single-click adding a new page

Create unlimited new pages, manage your keywords and descriptions for search engines, hide a page from your site map and more!

  • Give your pages descriptive titles and include keywords for your industry. This is the second most important element for good search engine rankings. Make sure each page has a different title and keep it relevant to the text on that page.

Webitor® is a powerful new way for website owners to quickly and easily handle their web site maintenance.

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