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The ability to edit your pages text & images.
An editable website or content management solution (CMS) allows you to easily edit your pages, text and images. Very similar to microsoft word.

Flash animation elements
Why not add some movement to your website?

Drop Down Menus
Have a lot of pages in your website? You may want to consider a drop-down menu, see us for pros & cons.

Newsletter mailing system
Allow your visitors to easily subscribe and unsubscribe from a mailing list.

Shopping Cart
This option allows visitors to add multiple items to their "shopping cart". They can choose when they are ready to checkout and purchase all the items they have selected.

Online Credit Card Processing
A secure third-party service for processing shopping cart orders.

Quote or Order Form
A web form (like this one) that allows you to collect detailed information from visitors and have it emailed to you. Uses include: registration forms; feedback forms; quote requests; order forms etc. *A basic contact form is included in the quote.

Password protected pages
This feature allows you to have a password protected section of the website where only certain people can access. This might be used to post employee news, human resources forms, sales contest results, etc.

Search Function
Want a lot of information on your website and need the ability to "search" it?

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